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Purim Carnival Packages

10:00am-11:00am Purim Shpiel in the Sanctuary
11:00am-2:00pm Annual Community Purim Carnival

Purim Carnival Wristband and Ticket Pre-Sale

Please select from the package options below.

Purim Carnival "Unlimited" Wristband Packages


   Grease Lightening Package - $40.00
   T-Birds Package - $36.00
   Pink Ladies Package - $20.00
   Sandra D Package - $20.00

What's included?
#1 - Grease Lightening Package includes: Unlimited Games, Bouncer, and Game Truck
#2 - T-Birds Package includes: Unlimited Games, Bouncer, and Bubble Zone

#3 - Pink Ladies Package includes: Unlimited Games and Bouncer
#4 - Sandra D Package includes: Unlimited Bouncer and Bubble Zone

*Sibling Discount: Receive one set of 5 food tickets for purchasing 2 or more #1 or #2 wristbands.  Will be included in your package envelope.

This is available wristband for our Teen Zone.  It is only available as an add. 

Purim Carnival Food Tickets


   Frosty Package (25 tickets for $20)
   Individual Tickets ($1)
Sun, February 18 2018 3 Adar 5778